Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

The hemp oil world is daunting. I’m sure you have walked into a store looking for hemp oil, or maybe a hemp infused Salve just to be overwhelmed by the choices. Did you wind up just saying, “forget about it” as you throw your hands up waving a white flag?

Well, we have too, and we know many of our customers have as well, but look no further. In this article we will explain what full spectrum hemp oil is, why you should buy full spectrum hemp oil, and why we think you should choose Mansfield Provisions.

Vermont CBD Oil

Why Buy Vermont Hemp Oil?

Vermonts’ managed to establish a name for itself and the quality of the products that the majority of the companies or producers. Whether its Hill Farmstead being named best brewery in the world, or Shelburne Farms and their award winning cheeses, and we hope to do the same at Mansfield Provisions. We feel that our products and many other Vermont hemp products will be here to stay, as our farmers continue to produce amazing quality crops, we will strive to showcase that quality in our own finished products.

We also feel Vermont has a unique opportunity to educate others on creating a sustainable industry. At Mansfield Provisions we dedicate ourselves to developing a sustainable business model that supports our local economy and helps reduce our waste and carbon footprint. Like many other local businesses, we are able to source 99% of our hemp within 30 miles from our extraction and production facilities.

This makes Vermont unique in the hemp industry, where many companies source hemp from out of state, or even out of the country. We feel our approach will help grow the reputation for good quality hemp extracts, and most importantly will help reduce our impact on the environment.

Why buy Mansfield Provisions Full Spectrum products?

Our premier Vermont hemp infused products help support the local Vermont hemp industry on all levels. We pride our business on sourcing hemp from Vermont farmers versus out of state, as this is crucial in reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the local economy.

Our claim of “premier full spectrum oil” stems from the hours, and days spent traveling to farms, building relationships with farmers, and our attention to details when it comes to sourcing the highest quality, organic, naturally, and sustainably grown ingredients for our products. We put a high priority on sourcing locally when we can for our ingredients for our hemp infused products, but ultimately look for the best quality and the most sustainable products to compliment the hemp oil.

By keeping it local, we establish great relationships with our farmers, and allow them to continue their lifestyle, which will continue to put their expertise to use in the field. We are also able to allow people to stay in a field of work they love. Time and time again we speak to farmers who have a rekindled desire to try something new on the farm. This also allows us to focus our energy on what we do best… Processing, product development, and showcasing the farmers hard work in our premier hand-made hemp products.

What Other hemp products are there?

As we mentioned in the beginning the hemp industry can be daunting. There are full spectrum, whole plant, distillate, and isolate products to name a few. Then there are gummies, tinctures, chocolates, drinks…. you name it, it’s out there.

First here is an article. This will help explain the differences between full spectrum oil and isolate. From our research and customer feedback, we find people enjoy full spectrum products most. It is important to remember always do your research on the company and their practices. Ask for batch testing which should include potency and purity of the product.

What Full Spectrum Products Do We Offer?

We have used our full spectrum oil to make the following hemp infused products:

  • 10mg, 25mg, & 50mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules
  • 300mg, 600mg, & 1200mg Hemp Tincture
  • 300mg & 600mg Hemp Salve
  • Single Source Trimmed Flower & Pre-rolls
  • Locally sourced Organic Trimmed Flower & Pre-rolls

Where can you find our products? Shoot us an email @  mansfieldprovisions@gmail.com for a retailer near you

or Shop Online

We hope you enjoy our products!

Drew, Kyle, & Tim



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