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We here at Mansfield Provisions have always felt that working together with other like-minded businesses and people is an important and sustainable way to live and do business. We stress the importance of partnering with other local farms, businesses, and artisans to expand our reach and create a strong community bond to ensure the success of our local economy. 

We pride our company on sourcing premium organic, Vermont-grown, hemp biomass to use for our full spectrum extraction topical and edible products. We spend countless hours visiting with our partnering farmers throughout the growing season not only to verify the quality and growing techniques, but to also strengthen the relationships between these local institutions and bridge the gap from raw material to our finished products.

This past growing season, we decided to personally get our hands in the dirt, and to push the envelope on the growing skills, techniques, and practices that we have learned along the way. By doing so, we have gained more credibility with our customers, partnering farms, and ultimately have created more beneficial conversations on how we can implement more regenerative and sustainable practices when it comes to growing, processing, and formulating our products. 

Now don’t be alarmed: our topicals, capsules, and tinctures will always be made with hemp sourced from partnering farms as this is paramount to sustaining our local economy. By not cutting out the farms to become a completely vertically integrated company like many others in the state, we allow others to be involved and purchase biomass at prices set by the farmer. Our hemp biomass will always be sourced locally from great farmers with an inherent love for the hemp plant and Vermont farming in general! 

What we will do however, is complement our current lineup of products, with limited quantities of single source, naturally grown, premium trimmed hemp flower and pre-rolled hemp joints. We are extremely excited and proud to be able to develop this end of our product line in the years to come and hope you are equally as excited! Our field was grown and managed by our resident growing expert, Drew Kaigle, on his families property in the beautiful town of Shelburne, VT. This land has been in Drew’s family for many generations, initially farmed by Drew’s fathers’ cousin (1st cousin once removed), Noel Gauthier. The land was grazing land for his dairy farm located across the street from where Drew’s family currently lives on the 20 acre property. Drew’s parents acquired the land in 1985 as Noel began to subdivide and sell off the land like many other farms would do during this time. From that period on, the land has provided hay to many neighboring farms and most notably the Laplatte River Angus Farm, but the family has always looked out over the land dreaming of turning it back into more diverse farmland than just for hay production.

As the years have gone on, they have planted fruit trees ranging from cherries, plums, peaches, and pears, to apples, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries along with the most recent addition of chickens and ducks. To compliment this wide range of fruits, and animals, they also pride themselves on their two large gardens that add up to almost a half an acre of vegetables for the family with over 50 different vegetables. The desire to support local rings true here as well, with all the vegetable seeds coming from the one and only, High Mowing Organic Seeds.

When the idea came about to get our hands dirty with our own small field, locally sourcing high quality hemp strains was a top priority as well. The seeds were obtained from 7 Leaf Genetics and our friends Joe and Victoria Veldon, who suggested we should try our hands with the wonderful T2 hemp cultivar! 

We are pleased to be able to say that not only can we process hemp into premium full spectrum hemp oil, but we can grow it and formulate it into artisan quality products too! In the next week on our online web store will be various amounts of our single source, hand trimmed T2 flower and half gram pre-rolls in both 3 and 10-packs! Coming in at 150mg per gram of flower and 75mg per pre-roll, these new options are a great way to ingest larger amounts of Cannabidiol quickly for someone who prefers a relaxing smoking product. 

Why hand trimmed you may ask? Well as we spent time on different farms, and at different industry leading events, we noticed the quality of machine trimmed flowers to drop drastically. From the disruption of plant structure, to the drop in quality of the flowers due to trichomes being lost due to continuous tumbling, we were adamant that we didn’t want our flower to fall into this category. Quality over quantity will also be the goal we shoot for in all of our products whether its our flower, capsules, tinctures, or salves.

Keeping in the tradition of working with other local farmers, we will also have a great selection of different hemp flowers from farms all over the state! Visit our website for great deals on our products and check out our ever-evolving lineup of products! Be sure to subscribe to our email list for updates on what we are doing throughout the year and also gain access to exclusive deals for our subscribers.



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