Is Pet Hemp Oil Worth The Extra Cost?

German Shepard with Pet CBD Tincture

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300mg Pet CBD Tincture

No. From our perspective and market research, the majority of Pet Hemp Oil is the same, with either cheaper ingredients, or crafted in the same way our “human” hemp oil is just with a bigger price tag. Of course, there will be products that contain flavoring like salmon, or beef, to appeal more to a dog or cat, however some even admit on their websites that the tincture has been “Successfully Tested on Humans”… AKA the same thing as normal hemp oil tincture, many times just with significant price tags along side the product.

Why do we care? Well we could have rolled out a new “Hemp Oil Pet Tincture” and slapped a new label on the same bottle and ingredients, with a price tag double that of our 300mg Tincture, but we aren’t here to do that. Take a look at this article on Leafly talking about “12 Tinctures Made For Your Pet” and see for yourself. We would rather help inform and educate our customer base, and challenge other Hemp Oil Pet Tincture producers to do the same. So while our Hemp Oil Tincture doesn’t say “Pet Tincture” on it, rest assured that its the same great product, at an affordable price for you, and the pooch.


German Shepard with Pet CBD Tincture

Why Use Pet Hemp Oil?

Are your still wondering why your pet needs Hemp Oil? Does your dog pace back and forth at night for no reason? Does your cat love to climb the window drapes? Well Hemp Oil Tinctures can help your pets reach a state of homeostasis, so you can also relax after a long day. It is always suggested to start slow with your pet to ensure they get the right amount. It’s best and suggested to consult your veterinarian as well to align with any treatments or any therapy that may be ongoing. Many Vets have become aware of hemp oil uses for animals, and are seeing success with different treatments and dosages.

It is also important to note that there may also be some side effects to using hemp oil tinctures or treats with your animals. There are some reports of animals showing signs of drowsiness, or and increase in itching, but more often than not, the benefits outweigh the side effects.


How To Choose The Right Hemp Oil Drops For Your Pet

First, look for high quality or organic ingredients. These are the most important factors when sourcing a Hemp Product. It is also extremely important to search for a product that is 3rd party tested for potency levels, to ensure the drops you buy contains what it says it does. These tests also should show purity of the Oil. The last but probably most important to you, is price. So don’t let the cute puppy eyes, or kitten on the bottle fool you. Stay informed, and educated on your oil purchases will only make you and your fur friend happier.


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