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Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, has grown in popularity in recent years as a result of the 2018 Farm Bill passing through Federal Legislation. People use CBD for a variety of reasons, ranging from aching joints to acne. Continue reading to learn about CBD salve uses that can benefit you in your daily life.

What is a CBD Salve?

CBD salves are a blend of skin-nourishing ingredients, like organic coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter, and hemp-derived CBD. Unlike lotions and creams, CBD Salve is thicker, and therefore, used for healing and protective purposes.

This topical product offers targeted relief through the endocannabinoid system, or ECS. The ECS is made up of receptors, endocannabinoids (compounds produced by the body), and enzymes. Your skin contains a high concentration of these receptors. So, when you apply CBD salve, the carrier oils help deliver infused CBD to the skin, where the compound is processed and provides whatever your skin needs.

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How to Use a CBD Salve

CBD salves have a wide range of uses. In fact, their versatility is one of the reasons they are in such high demand. Here are five frequent CBD salves uses:

1. Skin Problems

Whether you’re dealing with dryness, itchiness, or redness, CBD salves may be able to help! CBD has a natural supply of fatty acids, such as Omega-3s and Omega-6s, which have been known to moisturize and nurture skin.

2. Post-workout Soreness

Your muscles take a beating during your workouts. Applying a CBD salve may encourage quicker recovery for sore and tired muscles, helping you get you back in the gym sooner.

3. Joint and Muscle Pain

If you’re looking to take CBD for joint and muscle pain, first know CBD has not been proven as a treatment. However, many people have provided anecdotal evidence that it does indeed help them. The recommendation is to identify the painful area and apply the salve directly to that location. We recommend our Frankincense CBD salve for those taking CBD for pain.

4. Bites, Cuts, and Scrapes

CBD has antibacterial properties that may help heal cuts, scrapes, and minor burns. Not to mention, it may prevent some scarring.

5. Boost Skin Appearance

Wrinkles and acne can both impact your self-image, we know this. There are claims that CBD helps balance oil production to suit your personal needs. This is one of the big reasons people turn to CBD for acne caused by excess oil production.

How Do I Apply CBD Salve?

Now that you are ready to give CBD Salve a shot, you may be asking yourself a number of questions like, “How much CBD salve do I use?” and “where do you rub CBD salve?” Fortunately, CBD salve is relatively easy to apply and highly individualized.

  1. First, you want to pinpoint the problem area.
  2. Then, scoop a pea-sized amount (or half a teaspoon).
  3. Massage it into the affected area using circular motions for better absorption.
  4. You can add more depending on the size of the area or how you feel.
  5. Continue to apply throughout the day as needed.

How much CBD salve should you use?

About a half teaspoon. If you are new to CBD salves, it may make more sense to start small and work your way up depending on your individual needs. Conversely, those who are frequent CBD salve users may choose to use double the recommended amount. Experiment to find the right amount for you.

Where do your rub CBD salve?

Almost anywhere on your skin. If you feel pain or soreness, simply apply the topical salve directly to that area of the skin. Avoid rubbing salves on open cuts and always read the salve label for individual product ingredients.

Benefits of CBD Salve

CBD salves offer a number of benefits both inside and out. CBD comprises anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. While more research is needed to quantify dosages and their exact outcomes, preliminary studies show that CBD may be able to:

  • Soothe itching, redness, and irritation
  • Encourage healing of the skin
  • Reduce signs of aging through antioxidant properties
  • Promote balanced oil production

Final Thoughts on Using CBD Salves

In the end, there are countless answers to the question, “what do you do with CBD Salve?” At Mansfield Provisions, we deliver high-quality CBD Salve with nourishing ingredients to help you feel and look your best in whatever way you choose. Are you ready to get started with a natural solution? Try our CBD Salve today.

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