How to Take CBD Oil/Tincture

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With so much focus on the wealth of benefits that can come along with taking a CBD tincture or oil, you may be ready to get started yourself. With any new wellness product, you are bound to have a few questions. In this quick guide, you’ll learn how to consume CBD oil, how many drops of CBD to take, and more.

First… The Basics: CBD Tincture vs Oil

Traditionally, tinctures are meant to be taken under the tongue and have an alcohol base. However, most of the CBD tinctures and oils available today have similar ingredients and similar dosing methods: either under the tongue or swallowed. For example, our CBD Mint Tincture is not alcohol-based and can be dosed sublingually. Therefore, there is usually no difference between a CBD tincture and CBD oil.

How to Take CBD Oil

Depending on the intended use of the product, CBD oil is typically taken in 2 different ways:

  • Sublingually – you can place the liquid under your tongue, hold it in place, and then swallow what’s left. This is referred to as sublingual dosing.
  • Ingestion – you can also take CBD oil by simply ingesting it, or placing your dose on your tongue and swallowing.

Both sublingual dosing and ingestion have their advantages, but sublingually taking CBD tincture helps deliver the cannabinoids into your system in about 15 minutes. Ingestion may mean you have to wait an hour or more for the effects to kick in.

How Much CBD Oil to Take

Everyone can have their own needs and reactions when it comes to CBD—some may be fine with a low dose, while others may need a bit more. The general recommendation is to start with a really low dose of CBD and then adjust your dose as needed until you feel the desired effects. While you can measure your CBD tincture in drops thanks to its fluid form and usually an included dropper, it is best to figure out how many MG of CBD to take for your personal use first.

A good starting point is between 10 and 20mg. Look at the product you are using and determine how many milligrams of CBD you would get in a certain amount of fluid. For example, in our basic 600mg Tincture, you get 20mg in 1mL of fluid or a full dropper.


When should I take CBD oil, morning or night?

The answer can depend on your purpose for taking the CBD oil or simply personal preference. For example, some people prefer to take their dose at night before bed to support good sleep, while others take it with coffee in the morning.

How often can you take CBD oil under the tongue?

You can take CBD under your tongue daily or as needed. Just be sure to stay within a dosage range in a day that works for you.

Is it OK to take CBD oil every night?

CBD oil is not considered to be habit-forming. Therefore, you can take the oil every night without concerns of growing tolerant to the cannabinoid or developing undesirable symptoms when not taking it.

Can you drink water after taking CBD oil?

You can drink water after taking CBD oil to help wash the oil out of your mouth. Likewise, it is fine to eat after taking your dose as well.

Do I swallow the CBD tincture?

If you are taking the CBD tincture under the tongue, hold the dose there for about 30 seconds and then swallow. Alternately, you can opt to simply swallow the oil to ingest it, but sublingual dosing does yield a faster onset of effects.

Can you put CBD tincture in drinks?

CBD tincture can be mixed with a drink of your choice if you prefer. Some of the CBD tinctures available at Mansfield Provisions even have flavors like mixed berrycitrus, and espresso that pair well with fruit juices, coffee, or other flavored beverages.

Ready to Get Started?

If you feel confident about trying CBD for the first time, a tincture is an excellent place to start. Be sure to take a look at our full collection of full-spectrum CBD tinctures at Mansfield Provisions.

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