CBD Pills vs Oils: What’s the Difference?

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The array of CBD products available today can be a little overwhelming. Which delivery method is best? When it comes to choosing CBD oil or capsules, you’ll find there are pros and cons to each. Read on to learn about the differences between them and which is your best choice in what circumstances.

CBD Oils vs Pills: Is there a difference?

If they’re both CBD, does it matter which one you take? In a word, yes. CBD oils and pills have different levels of bioavailability, which means that there are differences in the way your body processes them.

  • CBD oils are usually taken sublingually. Because you are dripping it under your tongue, your body absorbs it much faster and more completely.
  • CBD pills or capsules must be swallowed and broken down by your body. This means a slower onset of relief and less of it making its way into your system.

Both CBD capsules and CBD oils can contain either CBD isolate on their own or may have added cannabinoids, terpenes, or other substances that help with absorption.

Advantages of CBD Oil vs Pills (& Vice Versa)

A lot of people have strong preferences when it comes to choosing CBD pills or oil, with proponents on both sides. CBD oils offer flexible dosing. You can measure as much as you want. If you are working on finding the right CBD dose for you, oils can make it easy to slowly titrate up until you are getting the effects that you want.

CBD Oils

  • CBD oil can be taken in many ways (like added to food or drink for easy administration).
  • CBD oils take effect more quickly, especially when taken sublingually (immediately absorbed under your tongue).
  • Come in a variety of flavors, like espresso!

Great for those who add supplements to their morning smoothie or experiment with making their own CBD edibles.

CBD Pills (capsules)

  • Precise dosing every time. There is no need to measure since each capsule has the same amount.
  • Easy to take on the go. It’s easier to transport capsules and pull them out to take alongside your lunch.
  • Discreet intake method. Can be taken in public more easily than you can take oils.
  • Flavor free. Just swallow with water and you are good to go.

However, some people find that they have a hard time swallowing the hard or soft capsules that are used for CBD pills. If you have issues swallowing pills, an oil may be better for you.

How to Choose CBD Pills vs Oil

The choice of pills or oils is a personal one. Some people like the flexibility of oils while others prefer the convenience and ease of capsules. We recommend picking up the one that you are most interested in and taking time to explore how it works for you. We have both, check out our product line today!

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