About Us

Specializing in full spectrum CBD products including tincture, salves, and capsules, Mansfield Provisions is a locally mindful and responsibly run, 100% Vermont operation. Grown, processed, and extracted in state, Mansfield Provisions is happy to provide Vermonters with the CBD needed to live a balanced lifestyle of homeostasis.

We source the hemp used in our products from farmers around the state of Vermont, and do not purchase any hemp grown outside of the state. We feel this is the most important factor in creating sustainable, high quality CBD products in our area. While we would like to be a single source operation, we understand the need for small scale farmers to have options when it comes to profitable products alongside their veggies, fruits, or livestock. We hope to spark a new revolution with our farmers around the state, by allowing them to do what they do best!

Please feel free to reach out to us through our contact page if you have any questions about our products, our sister company MP Labs, or test results. We are happy to share as much as we can about everything we do so you can learn about who and what we are about!!




Mansfield Provisions LLC

P.O. Box 3112 , Burlington, VT 05408

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